True Australian Multi-Generation Labradoodles out of the finest Australian lines.
Vancouver’s Jamal AKA: Barone

Jamal is going to be a large mini and will be able to start breeding in early 2017.

ALAA registration number: 49504
Vancouver’s Houston
(aka: Biggie), born September 15th, 2017. Is a cream Standard. Biggie is in the process of getting all his testing completed. We are hoping he will be able to have his first Honeymoon in summer 2018.
ALAA registration number: 062602
DownUnder’s Jiroi
DownUnder’s Jiroi is a small (20pound) Australian Labradoodle.
ALAA registration number: 035571
DownUnder’s Junior
DownUnder’s Junior is a medium (38 pound) Australian Labradoodle.
ALAA registration number: 039599
DownUnder’s Memphis
DownUnder’s Memphis is a large mini/small medium 30 pound) Australian Labradoodle. Born – May 24th, 2016
ALAA registration number: 051118
Hope Farm’s Linus
Hope Farm’s Linus is a small/mini (23 pound) Australian Labradoodle. Born: 20-Nov-2015
ALAA registration number: 047133